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"Come A Little Bit Closer"/"Farewell"
by Willy & Ruth
on Spark 101
released in 1954

Spark Label-Willy and Ruth-Come A Little Bit Closer-1954

Above: Spark 101 Label. The flip side is "Farewell". This is the first of two records by Willy & Ruth on Spark. Their second is Spark 105. Willy (who was Willie Headen) also had two other releases on Spark as lead singer of The Honey Bears.

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"Come A Little Bit Closer" - Willy & Ruth - Spark - 1954
"Farewell" - Willy & Ruth - Spark - 1954

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"Come A Little Bit Closer" - Willy & Ruth - Spark - 1954 (file size=433KB)
"Farewell" - Willy & Ruth - Spark - 1954 (file size=411KB)

Photo Of Willie Headen Authentic Label-Five Birds-Back Home Again-1956
Above Left: Photo of Willie Headen. He was the lead singer of The Kansas City Gospel Singers, who had two releases on Castle (1950) and one on SwingTime (1951). As a single artist, he had several releases on the DooTone label (1954-60), including "When I Am Gone" which is the flip side of The Penguins' first record.

Above Right: Label image for Authentic 703 (Willie Headen and The Five Birds - "Back Home Again" - Released July 1956). Authentic was a subsidiary of DooTone. In addition to Headen, The Five Birds consisted of L.C. Henderson, Willie Morris (Morries?), Robert Taylor, and James Turner.

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