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"Swing For Sale"
The Charioteers
NBC Reference Recording
recorded on October 28, 1943

[All clippings on this page provided by Richard Koloda.]

Newspaper Clipping (October 24, 1936): Presenting the Charioteers, sensational quartet and feature of the Wildroot program (Mondays 7:30 to 7:45 p.m.), of the Columbia network. The group boasts six voices and five college degrees. William B. Williams [sic], youngest of the Charioteers, sings baritone, tenor and soprano, believe it or not. The others are Howard Daniel, John Harewood, and George D. Lubers. They have their own pianist, Teddy Wilson, who does not appear in the picture.


Newspaper Clipping (October 31, 1936): Wilberforce Universary in Ohio takes the prize for the largest number of rhythm makers it has placed on the air. Here are the Oleanders, a former Wilberforce dormitory quartet. They are featured Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:05 to 8:25 a.m. over WABC and on Saturdays from 8:45 to 9 a.m. From left to right: Benjamin Wailes, first tenor; Ira Williams, baritone; George H. Hall, bass; and Edward G. Jackson, second tenor.


Newspaper Clipping (August 10, 1940): This group of soft-singing Wilberforce University graduates has taken the film capitol by storm. Overnight they have become the toast of Hollywood's sepia film society. Considering their fraternal and family connections they are the base of the axiom "preparedness pays." These boys have forged to the top in spite of their beginning when the depression was at its height.
Discovered on the New York stage in "Hellz-a-Poppin" by Hal Roach, and brought to Hollywood for the making of a Hal Roach production "Road Show" not yet released. Predictions are they will skyrocket to fame in motion pictures as they have in radio where they found their way into the favor of millions of listeners. They are (standing) James Sherman, pianist; Wilfred Williams, first tenor; Ira Williams, baritone; (kneeling) Edward Jackson, second tenor; and Howard Daniel, bass and manager.

Bess' Secrets 'Bout Good Things To Eat, By Bessie M. Gant
Chinese Dishes Are Favored By Radio's Favorite Quintet

Newspaper Clipping (February 13, 1943): DEAR READERS: I am sure we all agree that music is an essential part of the war effort and one of the greatest morale-builders both on the home front and abroad. So, this week I bring you one of your favorite quartets -- The Charioteers, organized by Howard Daniels [sic] at Wilberforce University. Mr. Daniels [sic], who sings bass, holds degrees from Northwestern, Columbia and Ohio State Universities and from Wiltenberg College. He is married to lovely Teresa Daniels [sic], who is here with her brilliant husband, and they are the parents of two lovely boys, Karl and Howard Jr.
The other members of the famous radio singing aggregation are: Jimmie Sherman, pianist; Ira Williams, baritone; William Williams [sic], tenor; and Edward Jackson, second tenor. All are graduates of Wilberforce except Sherman, who hails from the University of Pennsylvania.
For three years, the Charioteers were sustaining artists on WLW, Cincinnati. From there they went to New York where they were heard over WOR. They have been heard as guest artists with Fred Waring and Rudy Vallee. They appeared in the Broadway hit "Hellzapoppin" and currently are guest artists on Bing Crosby's program, "The Kraft Music Hall" on Thursday evenings. They are also star performers at the exclusive Ciro's here in Hollywood.
The Charioteers especially enjoy eating Chinese food after working hours. I have prepared the following dishes for the boys... "Daniel Chow Mein", Karl Egg Foo Yung" and "Howard Hon Yun Buen"...

Above: Label image for NBC Reference Recording. This is a master transcription cut in glass from a Kraft Music Hall radio performance.

The Charioteers had releases on Decca (1935), Vocalion/Brunswick (1938-39), Columbia (1939-49), and Okeh (1941-42) before Billy Williams left the group in 1950.

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