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"One More Dream (And She's Mine)"/"No Soup"
by The Charioteers
on Columbia 36903
released 1946

Top Quartet Returns To Air
[Newspaper clippings provided by Richard Koloda.]
Above: Newspaper clipping from February 16, 1946: [One of the nation's outstanding quartettes, The Charioteers, are returning to the air on a nation-wide hook-up program with the grand old Bing Crosby, topping the bill. The Charioteers, originated on the West Coast, have been featured on the Bing Crosby "Music Hall" for the past three years and are nationally known for their harmonic interludes.]

MORE Newspaper Clippings:
Newspaper clipping from July 5, 1947: [The Charioteers, great singing quartet of the Bing Crosby show, will be featured on the Carnation Milk "Contented Hour" Monday, July 7, over a full coast-to-coast network of NBC stations. This famous combination is now singing their fourth season on Bing Crosby's series. They have recorded with Frank Sinatra and Mildred Bailey, and have shared air time with Rudy Vallee, Frank Parker, Fred Waring, and Ted Husing. The Charioteers have not limited their talents to radio ... they played four and a half years with the smash Broadway hit, "Hellza-poppin'," and have enjoyed billings in top night spots and films.
The quartet consists of William Williams, first tenor, Edward Jackson, second tenor, Ira Williams, baritone, and Howard Daniel, bass, with Jimmy Sherman at the piano. All are alumni of Wilberforce College, Ohio, where they joined forces more than eight years ago. They took up singing for their own amusement, but decided to make a career of entertainment when they won the All-Ohio-State Quartet Contest. Since then they have steadily risen in the professional field until now they are recognized as one of the outstanding combinations in the country. Among their hit recordings are "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire," "So Long," "No Soup," and "One More Dream."
The "Contented Hour," which features Buddy Clark as singing "emcee" with Percy Faith and his orchestra, has presented in the past year, among other famous artists, Duke Ellington, Maxine Sullivan, the Golden Gate Quartet, and the Delta Rhythm Boys.]

Newspaper clipping from February 21, 1948: [Charioteers On Air February 23... The Charioteers, singers on the Bing Crosby airshow and numerous other network radio programs, made their first Manhattan nitory appearance in several years when they opened a four-week engagement at the Onyx Club on 52nd Street, Friday, Feb 13. During their local sojourn, the Charioteers are slated to do a series of guest appearances on leading network radio shows, the first of which will take place on Monday, Feb. 23, when they visit the Jack Smith Show via CBS at 7:15 P.M. (EST).
Currently riding high on all best-seller lists is the Charioteers' Columbia recording of "What Did He Say?", also known as "The Mumbles Song," paired with the novelty hit, "Oooh Looka There, Ain't She Pretty." The boys have just recorded the current ballad hit, "Now ls The Hour," with singing star Buddy Clark, their platter of which is due to hit the market next week. The William Morris Agency, which represents the guys, is lining them up for a European tour, come Spring, and already has set several engagements in England, including a date at the famous Music Hall in London.]

Click HERE for an article about The Charioteers by J.C. Marion.

[The above October 21, 1944 ad provided by Richard Koloda.]

Above: Label for Columbia 36903 released January 1946, both sides recorded on 11/7/45.

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No Soup - Columbia 36903 - 1946

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