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#578 (Week of 8/16/08 - 8/22/08)

"My Loving Partner"
by The Danderliers
States S-150
released in 1955

"May God Be With You"
by The Danderliers
States S-152
released in 1956

Above: July 1955 Cash Box clipping. The Danderliers, from Chicago, consisted of James Campbell (tenor), Dallas Taylor (tenor), Bernard Dixon (tenor), Walter Stephenson (baritone), and Richard Thomas (bass). They had four releases on the States label (1955-56). Louis Johnson replaced Thomas as bass after the second release.

Trade Magazine Article (November 1955):
The Danderliers, those "Chop Chop Boom" boys, were guests of honor at the Larry Wynn show at Basin St. Lounge. Group is ready to have a new disk released soon, tho titles are being kept secret for now....

Trade Magazine Article (March 1956):
Larry Dean submits his top 10 rhythm and blues disks on his WCIN-Cincinnati program, "Larry Leaps In": 1) The Way You Dog Me Around— Diablos; 2) Eddie My Love—Teen Queens; 3) Heart of a Rose—Charms; 4) Devil or Angel—Clovers; 5) You Baby You— Cleftones; 6) Drown in My Own Tears— Ray Charles; 7) I'm Wise—Eddie Bo; 8) Tell Me Darling—Gaylarks; 9) The Great Pretender—Platters; 10) May God Be With You—Danderliers....

Click HERE for an article about The Danderliers by J.C. Marion. (Will open in a separate window)

Above: Label images for States S-150 recorded on 5/27/55 and States S-152 recorded on 10/19/55. The Danderliers' first release, "My Autumn Love"/"Chop Chop Boom," was their biggest hit.

Listen to this week's selections by The Danderliers:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

(Above: James Campbell)


       My Loving Partner - States S-150 - 1955
       May God Be With You - States S-152 - 1956
       BOTH SONGS played in sequence

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       My Loving Partner - States S-150 - 1955
       May God Be With You - States S-152 - 1956
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       My Loving Partner - States S-150 - 1955
       May God Be With You - States S-152 - 1956
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