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"Double Crossing Blues"
by Johnny Otis Quintette
Vocals by The Robins And Little Esther
on Savoy 731-A
released in 1950

Photo Of Little Esther
[The above photo provided by Paul Ressler.]

Above: Photo of Little Esther.

Click HERE for an article about Little Esther by J.C. Marion.

Savoy Label-Double Crossing Blues-1950
Above: Label image of Savoy 731-A "Double Crossing Blues", recorded on 12/1/49 and released in January 1950.

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Modern Label-I Gotta Gal-1949 Modern Label-I Gotta Guy-1950
[The above label images provided by George Moonoogian.]
Above: Per George Moonoogian... [As far as I could research, "Double Crossing Blues" wasn't Esther's first release. In October of 1949, Modern issued #20-715 by Johnny Otis and His Orchestra, the 'A' side listed as an instrumental called "Thursday Night Blues", featuring a monster guitar solo by another of Otis' finds, Pete "Guitar" Lewis, and was coupled by a blues called "I Gotta Gal", and in small print the singer was listed as 'Esther Jones'! This record was later reissued, now correctly titled "I Gotta Guy", credited to 'Little Esther' with Johnny Otis and His Orchestra, to coincide with her smash hit, "Double Crossing Blues", some four months later!]

Ad March 1950 Ad June 1950
Above: Trade magazine ads from March 1950 (left) and June 1950 (right).


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