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"The Deacon Moves In"
by Little Esther and The Dominoes
on Federal 12016-A
released in 1951

Photo Of Little Esther

Above: Photo of Little Esther Phillips (real name: Esther May Jones) at 15 years old.

1951 Billboard Clipping For Little Esther/Federal 12016 Federal Label-The Deacon Moves In-Little Esther and Dominoes-1951
Above Left: Billboard Clipping From February 1951.

Above Right: "The Deacon Moves In" is the first of two records (one side each) that Little Esther had released on Federal backed by The Dominoes, both in 1951. She shares the lead on this one with Charlie White of The Dominoes. Esther was only 15 at the time of this recording.

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