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"The Blues Can Jump"
by The Four Blues
on DeLuxe 3195-B
released in 1948

(originally released on DeLuxe 1004 in 1945)

[The above photo provided by Paul Ressler.]

Above: The Four Blues (L-R) Ganzyetter Thompson (guitar), Joseph Gardner (piano), Carroll Jones (pointing to drum), James Starkes (bass). Arthur Davey is at the bottom, with clarinet. On their DeLuxe 1002 release, one side featured a different clarinet player, Ann Du Pont.

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Above: Label image for DeLuxe 3195-B released in September 1948. It was originally issued on DeLuxe 1004 in October 1945. The Four Blues had two releases on Decca (1941-42), six on DeLuxe (1945), and three on Apollo (1948-50).

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Above: From The Billboard dated 11/24/45 for The Four Blues on DeLuxe.

Above: Trade magazine ad for Jolly Joyce Agency from February 1950. Note that Earl Plummer is shown as a single artist on Mercury label.


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