(JULY 1998)

Last week, when "Why Not" (the rarest doo wop song ever, recorded in 1959 by Little Tony & the Due Whoppers) was featured as our Record of the Week, we claimed that:

  • only one copy of this 78 r.p.m. record still exists today, and that

  • even the original tape was lost years ago.

As far as we know the first statement is still true. According to the manager of our bank in Switzerland, where the record that you see spinning on the left is kept safely behind lock and key, "zair are really keine little Raccoon Bears in zee Schwiss Alps," so we figure that our $75,000 investment is still safe.

LISTEN AGAIN TO THE 78-RPM RECORD (Windows Media Player): "Why Not" - Little Tony & The Due Whoppers - Rallo 4711 - 1959

But what about that original master tape?

We have to recall that second statement however, because last Saturday we received a mysterious parcel in the mail, that contained nothing but an old reel with some tape on it... but boy oh boy, what a tape!!!

What we have here is what appears to be the original 1959 studio master tape of "Why Not" by Little Tony & the Due Whoppers in Hi-Fi stereo!!!

Without the surface noise of the scratched 78 r.p.m. record, we can now finally hear Tony like we've never heard him before. Listen to how this teenager is desperately trying to keep his breaking voice under control! Hear those finger-poppin' (!) Due Whoppers singing and swinging in the back! Listen to their beautiful harmonies and "bell sounds"! Hear that piano player making just that one tiny little mistake! And, last but not least, hear that crazy bass givin' it all he's got!

But wait, there's more!

This tape also reveals some amazing facts that we never knew before. At the beginning of the tape, just before the actual song starts, there is about twenty seconds of what seems to be a rehearsal, in which we can hear the bass loosening up his voice with his own version of "Why Not", that he seems to be making up on the spot, and which seems to be inspired by Tony Allen & the Champs' hit "Here Comes The Night Owl". (Remember that one? "Oohw! Oohw!")

But even more striking and astonishing are the words of the recording technician, that we can hear over the loudspeaker: "Rallo four seven eleven... take one..."

Take #1! This shows us how incredibly talented these boys really were: they only needed one take to record this beautiful song!!!

But get ready for this one:

Now you can hear all of this yourself, when you listen to the Hi-Fi stereo version of "Why Not", right from the start, all the way to the recording engineer's final "Cut!"

LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL TAPE (Windows Media Player): "Why Not" - Little Tony & The Due Whoppers - Master Tape In Stereo - 1959


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"Darling Dear" was originally written and recorded in 1954 by the Counts, and released on the Dot label. The "flip side" and the "unissued acetate" featured on this page are cover versions, recorded by "Shady" on the evening of Wednesday 7/29/98. The surface noise on all of these 78 r.p.m. records is authentic!

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