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"Blue Valentine"
The Solitaires
on Old Town 1000
released in 1954

Photo of Solitaires

Above: The Solitaires. Top: Herman Curtis, Pat Gaston, Bobby Baylor. Bottom: Bobby Williams, Buzzy Willis. Monte Owens and, later, Milton Love, were also members of the group.

Old Town Label-Blue Valentine-Solitaires-1954
Above: The first record by The Solitaires. From the legendary session when The Vocaleers and The Mello-Moods broke up and several of their members formed this group. Herman Curtis sings the lead and Buzzy Willis the bridge.

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Flip Side-Old Town Label

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"Blue Valentine" - The Solitaires - Old Town 1000 - 1954

"Wonder Why" - The Solitaires - Old Town 1000 - 1954


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