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"Farewell"/"Yours Alone"
by Bobby Relf And The Laurels
on Flair 1063
released in 1955

Above: Label image for Flair 1063 released in January 1955, and photo of Bobby Relf, who is lead singer and composer on both sides. The group, for this record, consisted of Relf, Ronald Brown, Ted Brown, and Sam Jackson. The Laurels had one release each on the Combo (1954), Flair (1955) and "X" (1955) labels.

Bihari's Flair Disks
Enter Country Field

Above: The Billboard clippings from 1/3/53 and 5/8/54.

Excerpts from The Billboard:
(3/7/53) The Carroll County Boys, Broome Brothers and Roy Harris and his Magnolia Boys have been signed for recording with the Bihari Brothers for their new country label, Flair Records....

(6/13/53) Flair Records, one of the Bihari Brothers labels, which now include Modern, RPM, Rhythm and Blues and Meteor, is now releasing r&b platters as well as c&w disks....

(6/19/54) Lew Williams, the Texas Drifter, now recording for Flair Records....

(R&B artists, other than The Laurels, to record for Flair include The Flairs, The Hunters, The Whips, The Five Hearts, The Squires, The Stardusters, The Dreamers, Richard Berry, Shirley Gunter And The Queens, Elmore James, The Chimes, The Rams, and Ike Turner.)

Listen to this week's selections by Bobby Relf And The Laurels on Flair 1063 from 1955:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Farewell
          2. Yours Alone
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Farewell
          2. Yours Alone

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          1. Farewell
          2. Yours Alone

The Billboard 2/19/55

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