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"You Knock Me Out"/"Who-ee, My, My!"
by The Counts And The Countess
on MeloDisc M-106A/M-106
released in 1945

Above:The Counts And The Countess consisted of Alma Smith (piano and vibes), John Faire (guitar) and Curtis Wilder (bass fiddle).

Click HERE for an article about Alma Smith/The Counts And Countess at the History Of Detroit Music Web Site. (This link will open in a separate window)

Above: Clipping from The Billboard 6/23/45. The above listings show the only two releases by The Flennoy Trio on MeloDisc and the only two by The Counts And Countess on MeloDisc.

Above: Label image of MeloDisc M-106A. This is the second of two releases by The Counts And Countess on the MeloDisc label (105-106), both released in July 1945. They also had two releases on Urban in 1946.

Listen to this week's selections by the The Counts And Countess on MeloDisc M-106A/M-106 from 1945: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

     A. Stream RealAudio...
          1. You Knock Me Out
          2. Who-ee, My, My!
          BOTH played in sequence

     B. Download RealAudio...
          1. You Knock Me Out
          2. Who-ee, My, My!

     C. Stream/Download Media Player...
          1. You Knock Me Out
          2. Who-ee, My, My!

The Counts And Countess
[Courtesy of Alma Smith, Gallert/Bjorn Collection.]

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