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(Week of 5/11/02 - 5/17/02)

"My Honey Chile"
by The Flennoy Trio
on Melodisc M-101
released in 1945

"Poor Butterfly"
by The Flennoy Trio
Solo: Dan Grissom
on Melodisc M-102
released in 1945

Photo Of Flennoy Trio
[The above photo provided by George Moonoogian.]

Above: Photo of The Flennoy Trio from Sepia Hollywood Magazine, November 1946. The Flennoy Trio was led by Lorenzo Flennoy on piano. The other members at the time of these two records may have been Gene Phillips on guitar and Winston Williams on bass. If anyone knows or can confirm the members (in 1945 and/or in the photo), please contact me.

Melodisc Clipping
Above: Melodisc Clipping from the 6/9/45 issue of The Billboard magazine.

Melodisc Label-Flennoy Trio-1945 Melodisc Label-Flennoy Trio-1945
Above: Label images for Melodisc M-101 and M-102. As displayed on the labels, Daniel O'Brien was the owner of this record company located in Hollywood, CA. These were The Flennoy Trio's only two releases on Melodisc. They also had at least eight releases on Otis René's Excelsior label (1945-46).

The Flennoy Trio backed up several vocalists including Dan Grissom (see above right), Jim Edwards, Tina Dixon, Mable Scott, and Joe Turner. The flip of "Poor Butterfly" is also "Solo: Dan Grissom".

Gene Phillips, composer of "My Honey Chile", also wrote other songs "derogatory" to women including "Big Fat Mama", "Big Legs", "Fatso", and "Punkin' Head Woman". Phillips was a popular 1940's rhythm and blues artist. At one time, he had his own band called The Rhythm Aces recording on the Modern label.

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"My Honey Chile" - Flennoy Trio - Melodisc M-101 - 1945
"Poor Butterfly" - Flennoy Trio - Melodisc M-102 - 1945
"BOTH SONGS" played in sequence

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"My Honey Chile" - Flennoy Trio - Melodisc M-101 - 1945 (file size=433KB)
"Poor Butterfly" - Flennoy Trio - Melodisc M-102 - 1945 (file size=363KB)


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