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"Why Are We Apart"
by The Midnighters
on Federal 12220
released in 1955

1955 Photo Of The Midnighters

Above: Photo of The Midnighters (1955-56) who had evolved from The Royals. (L-R) Lawson Smith, Sonny Woods, Henry Booth, Hank Ballard and Cal Greene (guitarist).

Federal Label-Why Are We Apart-The Midnighters-1955
Above: This side is a great example of why I like this music... it is just an excellent record! Most of The Midnighters' recordings at this time were "novelty"... they should have done more ballads! I believe it is Hank Ballard on lead. Greene, who wrote the song, is the guitarist.

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Billboard Ad For Federal 12220
Above: Billboard clipping from May 1955 for "New Stuff" (Federal 12220) showing the parent King Records as distributor.


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