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"Stop Torturing Me!"/"Stop Jibing Baby!"
by The Vibes
on Chariot 105-A/B
released in 1954

[Above photo provided by Marv Goldberg courtesy of Bobby Thomas.]
Above: Photo of The Vibes, also known as The Vibranaires. (TOP) Jimmy Roache, Bobby Thomas (lead), Herb Cole, (BOT) Mike Robinson, Roosevelt McDuffie.

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Above: Label image for Chariot 105-A released in October 1954. The title on flip has "Jiving" misspelled. The Vibes' first record was "Doll Face"/"Ooh, I Feel So Good" as by The Vibranaires on After Hours 103 (1954). Both Chariot and After Hours were owned by Lexy "Flap" Hanford.

Listen to this week's selections by The Vibes: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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Stop Torturing Me! - Chariot 105-A - 1954
Stop Jibing Baby! - Chariot 105-B - 1954

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Stop Torturing Me! - Chariot 105-A - 1954
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Stop Jibing Baby! - Chariot 105-B - 1954
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(At Left: Yours truly with Bobby Thomas in 1998. Note the label on the tee shirt!)

Above: New Jersey DeeJay Joel Turnero not only "supervised" the four Vibes/Vibranaires' sides, he also took writer's credit for three of them.


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