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"It Just Ain't Right"/"Reverse The Charges"
by The Velvetones
on Sonora 3012
released in 1946

Photo of The Velvetones

Above: Photo of The Velvetones.

Per Marv Goldberg:
1. In above photo are (L-R) "Pop Willie" (last name unknown), Madison Flanagan, Sam Rucker, and Enoch Martin (at the piano).
2. An article from the Baltimore Afro-American (8/18/45) talks about The Velvetones. They're at the Piccadilly Club in Newark. Enoch Martin (piano & arranger), Madison Flanagan (first tenor lead), Walter Dawkins (second tenor lead), Sam Rucker (first baritone & guitar). All had been in glee clubs in Newark high schools. They'd been together two years at this point.
3. A 12/8/45 clip (same paper) says they were held over "indefinitely" at a "Baltimore downtown spot." They're ready to record for Decca "this week." (Although, as far as I can tell, they never did.)
4. 2/2/46 (same paper): they cut six sides for Coronet. There's a Coronet ad for all three records on 3/23/46.
5. The "Columbia" label Velvetones were a different group.

Per George Moonoogian: From a music magazine ca 1948, The Velvetones are given as Enoch Martin, piano & vocals; John Parks, guitar & vocals; Muzzy George, bass & vocals, and Madison Flanagan, who took most of the lead vocals!

Sonora Label-It Just Ain't Right-The Velvetones-1946 Sonora Label-Reverse The Charges-The Velvetones-1946
Above Left: This is The Velvetones' second of four releases on Chicago's Sonora label (1946-47). Notice it is "Sonora Radio & Television Corp.". Yes, television in 1946! The Velvetones also had five releases on Coronet (1946).

Above Right: The flip side. I love the beginning: "Long distance calling... calling The Velvetones...".

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