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"My Baby And A Lemon-N-Lime"/"Don't Jump Off The Bridge"
by The Three Riffs
on Pic P-0007-X/Z
released in 1954

JET MAGAZINE "Trio's Impersonation Act Wins Broadway"
March 20, 1952 — Three young Negro singers have combined their talents into one of the classiest and cleverest Broadway singing groups. The Three Riffs—(L-R) Eddie Parton, Joel McGhee [also known as Joe Seneca] and Bunny Walker—specialize in mimicking well-known singing personalities such as Johnny Ray, Bill Kenny and Billy Daniels. In the unique, three-way act, each Riff gestures to form a vivid three-sided picture of the personality.
The Riffs auditioned at New York's sophisticated Le Ruban Bleu night club in 1948, were hired on the spot and remained 28 weeks. In the last two years, their salary has tripled. They were repeatedly held over, leaving only to play engagements in Canada and at the smart Bon Soir in Greenwich Village. As one wit said, in commenting on their long stay at Le Ruban Bleu: "They seem like part of the decor now; they go with the room." The trio writes its own material, has a large repertoire of songs which includes a number of original tunes.

Above: Clipping from 9/2/96 Jet Magazine.

Above: Label image of Pic P-0007 released in July 1954. Pic was a New York City label. The Three Riffs also had releases on Decca (1939), Atlantic (1949), Apollo (1950), and Variety Music (year unknown). And, on other records, they backed up Joe Medlin (Atlantic, 1948-49), Manhatten Paul (Atlantic, 1949), LaVerne Ray (Jubilee, 1949), and King Pleasure (Prestige, 1954).

Trade Magazine Clipping: October 1954—Pic Records reports its Three Riffs disk of "My Baby And A Lemon 'N' Lime" is doing nicely in Detroit. Group has just inked a long-term pact with GAC....

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Listen to this week's selections by The Three Riffs on Pic P-0007-X/Z from 1954:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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          My Baby And A Lemon-N-Lime
          Don't Jump Off The Bridge
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          My Baby And A Lemon-N-Lime
          Don't Jump Off The Bridge 

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          My Baby And A Lemon-N-Lime
          Don't Jump Off The Bridge

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