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Main-Savannah & Capitol Record
In Car Waving To Crowd
With Striders On Stage
With Large Manor Record
At Honolulu Nightclub in 1954
Close Up From 1950
Rehearsing At Home With Striders
With Her Agent Tim Gale
In Car With Striders Starting Tour
In Vampish Full Length Pose

Can Anyone Explain 1950
It's No Sin 1951
First Regal Release 1951
First Decca Release 1953

I Want To Be Loved (Miracle In Harlem 1948)

DISCOGRAPHY (1942-1956):
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Beacon 104 (Jimmy Lytell All Star Seven)
Fat Meat Is Good Meat
He's Commander-In-Chief Of My Heart

Beacon 106 (Jimmy Lytell All Star Seven)
Two-Faced Man
Tell Me Your Blues

Capitol 144 (Benny Carter Orch)
Hurry Hurry

Capitol 165 (Benny Carter Orch)
Just A Baby's Prayer At Twilight*

Manor 1004 (Her All Star Orch)
All Alone
Daddy Daddy

Manor 1014 (Al Killian Orch)
Too Blue To Cry
I Can't Get Enough Of You

Manor 1046 (Sentimentalists)
I Want To Be Loved
Foolishly Yours

Manor 1061 (Five Kings)
I Can't Get Up The Nerve To Kiss You
Let's Call A Spade A Spade

Manor 1066 (Five Kings)
Sincerely Yours
I'm Too Shy

Manor 1068 (Lenny Herman Orch)
My Baby-Kin

Manor 1093 (Four Tunes)
Is It Too Late

Manor 1116 (Four Tunes)
Time Out For Tears

Manor 1123 (Ralph Hermann Orch)
Tell Me So

Manor 1129 (Four Tunes)
I Want To Cry

Manor 1142
I'll Never Belong To Anyone Else (Four Tunes)
Try To Forget

Manor 1152 (Four Tunes)
It's Raining Down In Sunshine Lane
How Could I Know

Columbia 30146 (Four Tunes)
The Best Of Friends
The Things You Do To Me

Manor 1168 (Four Tunes)
Would You Hurt Me Now
All Of Me

Manor 1180
Don't Try To Explain
Savannah Sings The Blues (Four Tunes)

Arco 1202 (Red Norvo Quintet)
I'll Never Be Free
Get Yourself Another Guy

Arco 1220 (Four Tunes)
I Want To Cry
My Baby-Kin

Arco 1229
Don't Try To Explain
Savannah Sings The Blues (Four Tunes)

Arco 1236
Don't Cry Darling (Four Tunes)
Don't Take Your Love From Me

Arco 1257 (Four Tunes)
Time Out For Tears

Arco 1259 (Striders)
Can Anyone Explain
The Devel Sat Down And Cried

Arco 1263 (Striders)
Ain'tcha Glad I Love You
Changeable You

Regal 3309 (Striders)
Once There Lived A Fool
When You Came Back To Me

Regal 3313 (Uncredited Striders)
And So I Cry
Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine

RCA Victor 4280 (Four Tunes)
(It's No) Sin
I Don't Believe In Tomorrow

RCA Victor 4448 (Striders)
In Spite Of Everything You Do
Don't Grieve, Don't Sorrow, Don't Cry

RCA Victor 4583 (Striders)
That's My Affair*
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry*

RCA Victor 4773 (Striders)
Waiting For A Guy Named Joe
Don't Worry 'Bout Me

RCA Victor 5031 (Unnamed Group)
Walking By The River
If I Didn't Love You So

Decca 28836 (Cecil Haynes Orch)
Shed A Tear
Shake A Hand

Decca 28899 (Ray Charles Singers)
Peace Of Mind
Stay Out Of My Dreams

Decca 28973 (Ray Charles Singers)
Weep My Heart
Last Night I Cried Over You

Decca 29194
My Memories Of You
I Cried

Decca 29262 (And Quartet)
Just Whisper
The Gypsy Was Wrong

Argo 5251 (With Unlisted Group)
They Call Me A Fool
Let Me Be The First One To Know


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