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(Week of 6/10/06 - 6/16/06)

"I Must Forget You"/"99 Guys"
by The Maples
on Blue Lake 111
released in 1955

Above: Photo of The Maples. (Top) Reggie Smith, (Middle) Harold Jones, Johnny Jones, Howard Pitman, (Bottom) Kenneth Childers are pictured here. The actual group that recorded this one record was Kenneth Childers (lead), Johnny Jones (5 Chances), Albert Hunter (Clouds) and Andrew Smith (Fasinoles).

Above: The Maples' only record was released on Al Benson's Blue Lake label, a subsidiary of Parrot Records. Note that Benson (see photo below left) shares composer credits. He was an influential deejay (WGES) in Chicago at the time.

Listen to this week's selections by The Maples: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
A) Streaming RealAudio.
I Must Forget You - Blue Lake 111 - 1955
(Vocal: Dallas and the Boys)
"99" Guys - Blue Lake 111 - 1955
(Vocal: Annie Laurie)
"BOTH SONGS" played in sequence

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I Must Forget You - Blue Lake 111 - 1955
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"99" Guys - Blue Lake 111 - 1955
(file size=433KB)


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