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18 top hits label - World Famous Ink Spots Owl label - Chocolateers
The above two 'For Sentimental Reasons', by The World Famous Ink Spots and The Chocolateers, are the same recording. Simply stated, this is a great recording and one of my top favorites of all time by any group!.

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The same recording is also on Waldorf Music Hall MH 33-144 (released about 1955) as by 'The Ink Spots Quartet'. The Waldorf album has the same songs as the '18 top hits' EP above plus 'If I Didn't Care' and 'Shanty in Old Shanty Town'. (Also an EP on Waldorf Music Hall MH 45-173 - see label images below).

However, 'For Sentimental Reasons' is apparently not the same group (different sound and style) as most of the other songs contained on the '18 top hits' EP. Therein lies the mystery. Who is in this group? When was it recorded and for which record label?

The original version of 'For Sentimental Reasons' was recorded by Deek Watson and His Brown Dots in 1945 and was written by William 'Pat' Best. Deek and an unknown (to me) 'Ink Spots' group recorded for Waldorf Records in the mid 1950s. Deek was an original member of The Ink Spots before forming his Brown Dots group.

If anyone can provide any further information on this recording, The World Famous Ink Spots, The Chocolateers, or The Ink Spots Quartet, please contact me via e-mail.

4/11/98 - NEW Information From Greg Centamore:
The same above 'For Sentimental Reasons' is on Grand Award LP "The Ink Spots Vol. 1". Liner notes list group members as Deek Watson, Bernie Mackey (baritone), Sammy Pierce (bass) and Lorenzo Conyers (tenor). Vol. 2 LP does not list group members; Vol. 3 lists completely different members than Vol. 1. Waldorf (10") LP #144, Audition LP #5938 and Colortone LP #4901 all have the same exact version of the song.

6/26/99 - Bill Proctor confirms that the tenor lead on this recording is Lorenzo Conyers.

Waldorf Music Hall (Side B) - The Ink Spots Quartet Waldorf Music Hall (Side A) - The Ink Spots Quartet
(Above Waldorf EP label images provided by Jim Dunn & Nikki Gustafson)

Below: Ad for OWL RECORDS from 1975.
Notice the "Before Now, NEVER On A 45" claim, which is incorrect for this recording!
Ad for OWL RECORDS from 1975

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