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If I Didn't Care Maybe
"IF I DIDN'T CARE" (Recorded: 1/12/39 Released: 2/39)
"MAYBE" (Recorded: 6/11/40 Released: 1940)

I'll Never Smile Again We Three
"I'LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN" (Recorded: 8/8/40 Released: 1940)
"WE THREE" (Recorded: 7/16/40 Released: 1940)

Do I Worry? I Don't Want To Set World On Fire
"DO I WORRY?" (Recorded: 8/8/40 Released: 1940)
"I DON'T WANT TO SET THE WORLD ON FIRE" (Recorded: 8/21/41 Released: 1941)

Ev'ry Night About This Time I'll Get By
"EV'RY NIGHT ABOUT THIS TIME" (Recorded: 6/23/42 Released: 8/42)
"I'LL GET BY" (Recorded: 12/22/43 Released: 4/44)

I'd Climb The Highest Mountain The Gypsy
"I'D CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN" (Recorded: 12/30/40 Released: 9/45)
"THE GYPSY" (Recorded: 2/19/46 Released: 4/46)

I Never Had A Dream Come True I Want To Thank Your Folks
"I NEVER HAD A DREAM COME TRUE" (Recorded: 3/18/46 Released: 8/46)
"I WANT TO THANK YOUR FOLKS" (Recorded: 2/27/47 Released: 4/47)

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