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"I'll Never Get Over You"
by The Roamers
on Savoy 1147
released in 1954

[The above photos provided by Marv Golberg.]

Above: Photos of The Roamers:
Left Photo... (Top) Judge Taylor, (Bottom L-R) James Ricketts, Billy Williams, Sam Walton.
Right Photo... (L-R) Judge Taylor, Sam Walton, Billy Williams, James Ricketts.

Click HERE for an article about The Roamers by Marv Goldberg.

Above: Label for Savoy 1147 recorded on 11/18/54 and released in December 1954. James Ricketts sings the lead. This was their first of two records for Savoy (1954-55), plus one record backing Wilbert Harrison (1955) and one side backing Varetta Dillard (1955).

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