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"Every Little Dream"
by 5 Blazes
on Aristocrat 202B
released in 1947

"Not Any More Tears"
by The Four Blazes
on United 146
released in 1952

Above: The Four Blazes consisted of (L-R) Thomas Braden, Lindsley "Jelly" Holt, Floyd McDaniels, and William Hill. This grouping recorded for the United label from January 1952 to August 1953 (resulting in six releases).

The Five Blazes consisted of Lindsley Holt, William Hill, Ernie Harper, Prentice Butler, and Floyd McDaniels. This grouping had one recording session with Aristocrat in April 1947 (resulting in two releases).

Profile from The Billboard dated 5/5/43:

Four boys who play hot music in a subtle style. Their instrumentation includes two guitars, a bass, snare drum and cymbals with brushes, beating out music to please both the swing and sweet fans. All four sing specially-arranged numbers.
The Four Blazes have been featured at the Whirlaway, Chicago; Lou's Chancelor Bar, Philadelphia; Lindsay's Sky Bar, Cleveland; and Elmer's, Chicago. They are currently appearing at the 115 Club, Grand Forks, N. D. Under the direction of Phil Shelley, Chicago.

Aristocrat Label-Every Little Dream-5 Blazes-1947 United Label-Not Any More Tears-The Four Blazes-1942
Above Left: Recorded 4/47. Ernie Harper is lead singer on this one. The vocal group backing, although nice, doesn't come in until near the end of the record.

Above Right: Recorded 2/3/53. Thomas Braden sings lead on this bluesy recording. Aristocrat and United were both located in Chicago.

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