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"You Can Depend On Me"/"Dream"
by The Harmonaires
on Majestic 1249
released in 1948

[Above photo provided by Paul Ressler.]
Above: Photo of The Harmonaires. The photo shows a quintet plus a guitar player, but a reissue (on Varsity Label LP) of one of the sides from the Majestic session credits "The Harmonaires Male Quartet".

Above: Label image for Majestic 1249 recorded in December 1947. The Harmonaires had two records released on this label, all four sides recorded in the same session. In between was one release by Deek Watson as "Deek Watson And The Brown Dots" (Majestic 1244). The Majestic label had a great roster of talent, but of special interest to group harmony fans were The Deep River Boys backing Thelma Carpenter (1945) and The Jones Brothers (1946).

Listen to this week's selections by The Harmonaires:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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You Can Depend On Me - Majestic 1249 - 1948
Dream - Majestic 1249 - 1948

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You Can Depend On Me - Majestic 1249 - 1948
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Dream - Majestic 1249 - 1948
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