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"Baby, It's You"
The Spaniels
on Chance 1141
released in 1953

In Memory Of Gerald Gregory, The Great Bass Singer Of The Spaniels, Who Passed Away in February 1999.

Photo of The Spaniels Photo of Gerald Gregory (1998)
Above Left: The Spaniels (1955). (Top) Willie Jackson, Gerald Gregory (bass), Ernest Warren, James "Pookie" Hudson (lead), (Bot) Jerome Henderson. The Spaniels had twenty records released on Vee-Jay between 1953 and 1960. For "Baby, It's You", Opal Courtney Jr. (baritone) was in the group in lieu of Jerome Henderson (guitarist).

Above Right: Gerald Gregory at UGHA concert in November 1998 (his last performance).
(Photo courtesy of Pam Sweeney)

'Baby It's You' Ad From 1953 Chance Label-Baby It's You-Spaniels-1953
Above Left: "Baby, It's You" advertisement, the first part from July 1953 and the second part from September 1953.

Above Right: The first record by The Spaniels. It was actually released on Vee-Jay 101 first and then leased to Chance Records.
(The Chance label image shown on this page provided by Marie Butrico)

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