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"We Danced In The Moonlight"
by The Five Stars
on Treat 505
released in 1955

Above: Photos of The Inspirators' lead singer Cleo Perry performing on 4/6/91. Credited as "The Five Stars" on this Treat label release, they were actually The Inspirators. The other members of The Inspirators were William Massey (first tenor), Clifton Johnson (second tenor), Barney Fields (baritone), and Buster Boyce (bass).

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[Clippings provided by Richard Koloda.]
Cleveland Call And Post, January 1, 1955: THE FIVE STARS -- Pictured above are now featured at Wood's Social Inn, 1759 Broadway, Lorain, Ohio. Left to right are Carl Brown, Raymond Harvin, Joe Williams, Art Kirkpatrick, and Willie Woodall. The Woods Inn, one of the most popular night spots west of Cleveland, is owned by James Woods and master of ceremonies for the shows there is clever Freddie Osborne.

NOTE: From Marv Goldberg: The Cleveland "Five Stars" changed their name to The Hepsters.

Cleveland Call And Post, January 8, 1955: HAPPY HOLIDAY PARTY -- The annual Call & Post Yuletide party was held at the Rose Room on New Year's day. Entertainment galore was on tap for the revelers supplied by such personalities as... Vanilla Williams and the Five Stars.

Above: Label image for Treat 505. This group had one other release on Treat earlier in 1955 and one release on Old Town in 1958, both as by The Inspirators.

Listen to this week's selection by The Five Stars (Inspirators): [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
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