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"Somebody's Lyin'"
by The 5 Red Caps
on Gennett 7123-A
released in 1944


[This article provided by Richard Koloda.]

(CLEVELAND Dec. 2, 1944) THEATRICAL CELEBRITIES such as those in the above photo are regular guests at the popular Majestic Hotel. The guests pictured are part of either past or present acts at the Metropolitan Theatre. The exceptions are Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Marshall, recently from California. "Jimmy" is managing the theatre.
Sitting left to right - Susie, of "Butterbeans and Susie," Mrs. Patricia Marshall, and Flo of the team "Flo and Freddy." Standing left to right are Jimmy Marshall, Butterbeans, three of the Red Caps, Emmett Mathews, Jimmy Springs, and Steve Gibson, and Freddy. Red Caps not shown are David Patillo and Romaine Brown. Originally, the Five Red Caps were the Four Toppers in Los Angeles until one of them went into the Armed Forces. Two more men were added and after the stupendous success of the recording "I Learned A Lesson," the Four Toppers became the Five Red Caps.
"Life Of A Showman"

Jimmy Springs, one of the Red Caps, tried to take in a local movie, but failed after three efforts to see how the picture ended. The picture was "Three Hours Over Tokyo" and "it was good," said Jimmy, but "every time the guy got ready to kill Hitler, I felt a tap on the shoulder and it was time to go back to the show. I never did see Hitler die," complained the opine Jimmy.
The Freddy and Flo team are in a rest after their recent run at the "Met", but have now returned to New York City.

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Above: Label for Gennett 7123 released in September 1944. This is a reissue of Beacon 7123 which had been released in May 1944. The Gennett label states "Gennett Record Division The Starr Piano Co., Inc. Richmond, Ind." Joe Davis (Beacon's owner) revived Gennett, a once great jazz label, which had long been inactive.

Jimmy Springs sings tenor lead and Steve Gibson does the talking bass part.

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