BY DEEK WATSON with Lee Stephenson

(First Edition, Copyright Ⓒ 1967, by Deek Watson)

Title PageIntroduction*Prologue** = Image(s) Added
Page 1Page 11Page*21Page 31Page 41Page 51
Page 2Page 12Page 22Page 32Page 42Page 52
Page 3Page 13Page 23Page 33Page 43Page 53
Page 4Page 14Page 24Page*34Page 44Page 54
Page 5Page 15Page 25Page 35Page 45Page 55
Page 6Page*16Page 26Page 36Page 46Page 56
Page 7Page 17Page 27Page 37Page 47Page 57
Page 8Page 18Page 28Page 38Page 48Page 58
Page 9Page 19Page*29Page 39Page 49Page 59
Page 10Page 20Page 30Page 40Page 50Page 60

CAVEAT: Deek's book is not completely factual. Liberties were clearly taken by him throughout the book. Also, be aware that the "n-word" is used in this book. For an unbiased, accurate biography of The Ink Spots, this website recommends the book "More Than Words Can Say" by Marv Goldberg.

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