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(Week of 9/16/06 - 9/22/06)

"Rag Mop"
by The Hamptones [The Beavers]
Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra
on Decca 24855
released in 1950

[Above photo courtesy of Marv Goldberg.]
Above: The Beavers from 1950, (Left to Right) Dick Palmer (tenor), Howard Biggs (pianist, composer, arranger), Ray Johnson (bass), John Wilson (lead baritone), and Fred Hamilton (lead tenor).

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Above: Label image for Decca 24855 recorded on 12/29/49 and released in January 1950. There is no vocal group on the flip side. The Beavers also had releases on Sittin In With (1949, no label credit, backing Herb Lance) and Coral (1949-50).

Listen to this week's selection by The Hamptones [The Beavers]: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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     Rag Mop - Decca 24855 - 1950

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     Rag Mop - Decca 24855 - 1950
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[Photo at left: Lionel Hampton.]


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