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"The Goo"/"The Weep"/"A Salute To Harlem"
by Boots And His Buddies
on Bluebird B-7217-B/A & B-7944-B
released in 1937 & 1938

[Above photo from Frank Driggs Collection.]

Above: Photo of Boots And His Buddies. Led by drummer Clifford "Boots" Douglas, this was a "territory" band located in San Antonio, Texas.

Pittsburgh Courier 12/25/37:
Boots And Buddies Are Found
New York City, Dec. 23, 1937—The whereabouts of the mystery band, Boots and his Buddies, have at last come to light. For the past few months they have been waxing classics for Bluebird and no questions asked. In order of merit, they have cut "The Sad," "Raggle Taggle," "Ain't Misbehavin'," "The Weep," "The Goo," and "The Happy," among other titles, and all of them fine. The group is a colored outfit down in Texas, hailing from San Antonio.

The story goes that Victor whips down there now and then with a portable recording set-up and makes swing history. If you get the chance, listen to "The Sad" as a sample which has a tenor [sax] reminding of [Coleman] Hawkins and a horn [trumpet] like Henry "Red" Allen plus a solid well arranged band that stacks up close to the Duke [Ellington].

(NOTE: Did not realize that "The Sad," "The Weep," and "The Happy" were "classics." Other "The..." songs done by this band are "The Swing," "The Vamp," and "The Somebody.")

Above: Photo of Boots And His Buddies. "Boots" is at the far right.

Members of Boots And His Buddies included (in alphabetical order) A.J. Johnson - Piano, Alva Brooks - Alto Sax (Alto), Arthur Hampton - Alto Sax, Baker Millian - Tenor Sax, Boots Douglas - Drums, Celeste Allen - Vocals, David Ellis - Tenor Sax, Douglas Byers - Trumpet, Eddie Heywood - Arranger, Harold Holmes - Alto Sax, Arranger, Israel Wicks - Vocals, Jeff Thomas - Guitar, L.D. Harris - Trumpet, Lloyd Glenn - Alto Sax, Arranger, Percy Bush - Trumpet, Walter McHenry - Baritone Sax, and others (see more below).

Above: Label image of RCA Victor test pressing for Bluebird B-7944-B recorded on 4/6/38 at the Blue Bonnet Hotel in San Antonio. Cora Woods is the singer. The band members on this recording are Charlie H. "Chubby" Jones, L.D. Harris (Trumpet), Percy Bush (Trumpet), George Corley (Trombone), Wee Wee Demry, Alva Brooks (Alto Sax), Baker Millian (Tenor Sax), A.J. Johnson (Piano), Bill Johnson (Guitar), Walter McHenry (Bass Fiddle), and Clifford "Boots" Douglas (Drums).

Above: Label image of Bluebird B-7217-B recorded on 9/17/37. Boots And His Buddies cut forty-two sides for the Bluebird label between 1935 and 1938. These were done in five recording sessions.

Listen to this week's selections by Boots And His Buddies....
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          The Goo
          The Weep [Instrumental]
          A Salute To Harlem
          ALL THREE played in sequence

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          The Goo
          The Weep [Instrumental]
          A Salute To Harlem
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          The Goo
          The Weep [Instrumental]
          A Salute To Harlem

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