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#651 (Week of 2/6/10 - 2/12/10)

"Romance In The Dark"/"Cherry"
by The Diamonds
on Atlantic 1017
released in 1953

Above: "TEEN-AGE QUARTET" From Jet Magazine (October 1953)....
Perhaps the youngest professional quartet in show business, the Four Diamonds, whose ages range from 18 to 20, are gaining in popularity among teen-agers who take quickly to their scat style of singing.
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Marv Goldberg identifies the members in above photo as (Top L-R) Harold "Sonny" Wright, Daniel Stevens, Myles "Mousey" Hardy, and (Bottom) Ernest "Rocky" Ward.

The Diamonds
Above: "Teen-Aged N. Y. Quartet To Tour Canada" From Jet Magazine (October 1953)....
The Four Diamonds, a group of talented Harlem youngsters who parlayed two amateur contest prizes into a recording contract and a series of Canadian engagements, are one of the youngest professional quartets in show business. Members of the group, which is scheduled to start a five-week Canadian tour this week, are Stanley Wright, Danny Stephens, Myles Hardy and Earnest Walker. The youths, who had been singing in church choirs and YMCA glee clubs, first met at a Harlem YMCA jam session. They later won two first prizes at Apollo Theater amateur shows, turned professional and waxed two records on the Atlantic label.

Marv Goldberg identifies the members in above photo as (L-R) Daniel Stevens, Harold "Sonny" Wright, Myles "Mousey" Hardy, and Ernest "Rocky" Ward. While Marv doesn't know if it's "Stevens" or "Stephens," it's "Ward", not "Walker."

Above: Label image of Atlantic 1017 recorded on November 5, 1953 and released in December of that year. It is The Diamonds' third of three records, all on Atlantic (1952-53).

Listen to this week's selections by The Diamonds on Atlantic 1017 from 1953:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Romance In The Dark
          2. Cherry
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Romance In The Dark
          2. Cherry

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          1. Romance In The Dark
          2. Cherry

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