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"It's Too Late Now"/
"There Ain't No Bears In The Forest"
by The Four Deals
on Capitol 1313
released in 1950

Above: (Left) Clipping of The Four Deals from November 25, 1950.

Capitol Inks 4 Deals:
HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 7, 1950 Capitol Records this week signed a new vocal quartet from Phoenix, Ariz., the Four Deals, to a waxing pact. Group's tune, "It's Too Late Now," recently won platter spinner Peter Potter's (KTSL) contest, prompting the Coast major to ink the unit. Capitol will issue its own version within six weeks.
The Four Deals, who accompany their vocals instrumentally, are comprised of guitarist and leader Lloyd Ellis, trumpeter Benny Wilson, pianist Glenn Brewton, and bassist Travis Anderson. Lads are managed by Phoenix deejay Al (Sleepy) Stein.

From Billboard - Oct. 14, 1950:
Hollywood: . . . .The Four Deals, Phoenix, Ariz., vocal group, won Peter Potter's song contest (KTSL) with their "It's Too Late Now." Male quartet will record it for Capitol. Group was inked by the Coast major, with initial release skedded for six weeks hence. Lads are managed by Phoenix dee jay Al (Sleepy) Stein. Foursome, which instrumentally accompanies its own vocals, consists of Travis Anderson (bass), Benny Wilson (trumpet), Glenn Brewton (piano) and Lloyd Ellis (guitar), its leader. . . .

NOTE: On the Smiley Burnette Radio Show, The Four Deals say they are from Louisiana.

Above: Label image of Capitol 1313 recorded on 9/19/50 and released in November 1950. Flip side composer credit goes to "Julius Glenn Brewton." This was the group's only record. Based on the matrix numbers, there was at least one unreleased song from the Capitol session.

The 12/9/50 Billboard lists this record under "Rhythm & Blues Record Releases," alongside The Ravens "I'm So Crazy For Love," The Shadows "Jitterbug Special," and The Orioles "The Lord's Prayer."

The Four Deals appeared on the Smiley Burnette Radio Show sometime during their short Capitol stint. Interestingly, they chose not to sing one of the Capitol released sides, but rather "Iris." The audio clip, provided below, is courtesy of David Cummings.

Listen to this week's selections by The Four Deals on Capitol 1313 from 1950:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. It's Too Late Now
          2. There Ain't No Bears In The Forest
          BOTH played in sequence
          Iris (Smiley Burnette Show)

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          1. It's Too Late Now
          2. There Ain't No Bears In The Forest
          Iris (Smiley Burnette Show)

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          1. It's Too Late Now
          2. There Ain't No Bears In The Forest
          Iris (Smiley Burnette Show)

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