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"The Fishing Song"
by Evelyn Twine With The Five Scamps
on Columbia 30168
released in 1949

[Above image courtesy of Marv Goldberg.]

Above: 1952 photo of Evelyn Twine And The Scamps consisting of (L-R Back) James Whitcomb, Evelyn Twine, Earl Robinson, (L-R Front) Rudy Massingale, and Sonny Kenner. The actual line-up at the time of "The Fishing Song" is Evelyn Twine (lead), Rudy Massingale (piano, sax, vocals), Wyatt Griffin (guitar, tenor), James Whitcomb (bass fiddle, bass), Earl Robinson (cocktail drums, vocals), and Edward Stafford (trumpet, tenor).

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Above: Label image for Columbia 30168 recorded on June 8, 1949. Evelyn Twine, who was Rudy Massingale's sister-in-law, became a full-time member of The Five Scamps in 1952. If you listen carefully, you'll hear Evelyn's surname mentioned in this song. The flip side, "Good Lover Blues," has neither Evelyn nor vocal group backing.

Listen to this week's selection by Evelyn Twine With The Five Scamps on Columbia 30168 from 1949:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]


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