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#566 (Week of 5/3/08 - 5/9/08)

"Rollin' Stone"/"Why Don't You"
by The Marigolds
on Excello 2057 A/B
released in 1955

Above: The Marigolds who consisted of Johnny Bragg (lead tenor), Edward Lee Thurmon (tenor), William Stewart (baritone), John Edward Drue (tenor), Hal Hebb (tenor) and Willy Wilson (bass). Bragg, Thurman, Stewart and Drue had been members of The Prisonaires. Al Brooks joined the group later, replacing Stewart. All were inmates at Tennessee State Prison.

Click HERE for a short article about Johnny Bragg at The African American Registry website.
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Above: Label image for Excello 2057 A. "Rollin' Stone" was a hit for them, heavily played on Alan Freed's radio show in NYC. The Marigolds had four releases on Excello (1955-56) plus another as by The Solotones (1955).

Robert Riley, composer of both sides of this record, was an inmate who also wrote several songs for The Prisonaires, including "Baby Please," "Don't Say Tomorrow," "Two Strangers" and shared credit with Bragg on "Just Walkin' In The Rain." The Marigolds redid "Two Strangers" for their second record on Excello.

Listen to this week's selections by The Marigolds: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
       Rollin' Stone - Excello 2057 A - 1955
       Why Don't You - Excello 2057 B - 1955
       BOTH SONGS played in sequence

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       Rollin' Stone - Excello 2057 A - 1955
       Why Don't You - Excello 2057 B - 1955
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       Rollin' Stone - Excello 2057 A - 1955
       Why Don't You - Excello 2057 B - 1955
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