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"Plan For Love"/"You Ain't Ready"
by The Flamingos
on Chance 1149
released in 1953

Above: The Flamingos from Jet Magazine dated February 4, 1954. (L-R) Paul Wilson (baritone), Jake Carey (bass), Sollie McElroy (tenor, in back), Johnny Carter (tenor), and Zeke Carey (tenor). This is their line-up for all six Chance releases.

Jet Magazine (February 4, 1954) "YOUTHFUL QUINTET" Although they have been singing together for just a little over a year, the Flamingos, five youthful Chicagoans (average age: 20) have swept the nation with their rollicking, zesty acting and smoothly-blended vocals (top disc: Carried Away). The quintet is already lined up for an engagement at the Windy City's swank Black Orchid.

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[Above clipping provided by Richard Koloda.]
Above: 1954 clipping of The Flamingos from Cleveland Call And Post newspaper. The titles given for our selections are not exactly as shown on the labels.

Above: Label image of Chance 1149 recorded in August 1953 and released in October 1953. The Flamingos recorded for Chance (1953), Parrot (1954), Checker (1955-56, 1964), and other later labels. Johnny Carter is lead on "Plan For Love" and Sollie McElroy leads "You Ain't Ready." Sollie also sings lead on the great "Golden Teardrops." Red Holloway's Orchestra backs them on at least three of their Chance records.

Listen to this week's selections by The Flamingos on Chance 1149 from 1953:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
Above: Red Holloway

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           Plan For Love
           You Ain't Ready
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           Plan For Love
           You Ain't Ready
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           Plan For Love
           You Ain't Ready

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