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"My Dear, Dearest Darling"/"Rock Little Francis"
by The Five Willows
on Allen 1000
released in 1953

Above: Photo of The Five Willows. Tony Middleton (lead), Joe Martin (baritone), Ralph Martin (tenor), John Steele (bass), and Richie Davis (tenor).

Trade Magazine Article (August 1953):
Pete Doraine's Allen line doing exceptionally well in this area with a socko first release, "My Dear, Dearest Darling" by the Five Willows....

Trade Magazine Article (November 1953):
Pete Doraine over at Allen Records has a promising novelty in "I'm Gonna Chunk You Down" by Jimmy Newsome. Doraine is trying to follow up the Five Willows' "My Dear, Dearest Darling" which scored on charts all over the country....

NOTE: Victor Allen owned the Allen label. Pete Doraine was its National Sales Manager.

Click HERE for an article about The Five Willows by J.C. Marion. (Will open in a separate window)

Above: Label image of Allen 1000 released in May 1953. As The Five Willows, they had three releases on Allen (1953), two on Herald (1954), and one on Pee-Dee (1954). As The Willows, three on Melba (1956), including their big hit "Church Bells Are Ringing [...May Ring]," and one on Club (1956).

Both sides of this record credit the same composers (the five members of the group). Tony Middleton's real name is Anthony Wright.

Listen to this week's selections by The Five Willows on Allen 1000 from 1953:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
(Above: The Five Willows)

           My Dear, Dearest Darling
           Rock Little Francis
           BOTH SONGS played in sequence

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           My Dear, Dearest Darling
           Rock Little Francis
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           My Dear, Dearest Darling
           Rock Little Francis

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