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#544 (Week of 11/10/07 - 11/16/07)

"Mood Indigo"/"Mary Jo"
by The Four Blazes
on United U-114
released in 1952

Above: The Four Blazes clipping taken from The Billboard Music Year Book 1945-1946.

Profile from above referenced Year Book:
"The Four Blazes pack so much showmanship into their act that they've been equally successful selling their wares in a nitery floorshow or in a cocktail lounge. Outstanding among their stints on nitery platforms have been the Lookout House, Covington, Ky.; the Club Algerian, Denver; and the Grand Terrace Casino, Detroit. Proof of their popularity with cocktail lounge clientele is the fact that they did return engagements at the following spots during the past year: Lou's, Philly; Oasis, Pittsburgh; Bamboo Room, Kenosha; Riptide, Calumet City, Ind.; and the 1111 Club, Chicago. Their popularity in Chicago caused them to appear over WJJD, Chicago, while playing the Windy City. The sepia foursome uses two guitars, bass and drum to whip up the rhythm that's made them a favorite with the hepsters. Their library also includes novelty and hillbilly numbers. Quartet handles solo vocals and have worked up four-part harmony on many numbers. They've been actively engaged as cocktail entertainers since 1940, when they broke into show business in a tavern on the south side of Chicago. Managed by William Morris Agency.


Above: May 14, 1955 clipping from Cleveland Call And Post (courtesy of Richard Koloda).

Above: United U-114, both sides recorded on 1/4/52, was released in March 1952. Holt sings lead vocal on "Mood Indigo" and Braden does same on "Mary Jo" (which reached No. 1 on the R&B charts). The Four Blazes recorded for the United label from January 1952 to August 1953 (resulting in six releases).

Listen to this week's selections by The Four Blazes: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

The Four Blazes consisting of (L-R) Thomas
Braden, Lindsley Holt, Floyd McDaniels,
and William Hill.

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     Mood Indigo - United U-114 - 1952
     Mary Jo - United U-114 - 1952
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     Mood Indigo - United U-114 - 1952
     Mary Jo - United U-114 - 1952
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     Mood Indigo - United U-114 - 1952
     Mary Jo - United U-114 - 1952

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