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"Key To My Heart"
by Herb Kenny And His Trio
on Aladdin 3048A
released in 1950

Above: Clipping from February 1950. Herb Kenny sang bass with The Ink Spots from 1945 to 1951. He also sang lead (and recitation parts) with The Comets on Federal in 1952 and The Rockets on M-G-M in 1952 and 1953. His brother, Bill Kenny, sang tenor lead on all of The Ink Spots' hit records.

Above: Label image for Aladdin 3048A. While this is not actually a vocal group record, Herb uses the same style here that he used later with group backing on Federal and M-G-M. This was a "moonlighting" effort as Herb was still with The Ink Spots when this record was done. An inaccurate Jolly Joyce Agency ad stated that Herb Kenny was "now with the Ink Spots on Aladdin Records". His "Trio" is a group of pick-up musicians gathered for this recording session.

Trade Magazine Quotes:

December 1949 - Aladdin Records has signed warbler Herb Kenny to a recording pact. The just-concluded deal between the Coast waxery and Jolly Joyce, who heads the local theatrical agency bearing his name, will bring Kenny to Aladdin for two years with a two-year option. Paper reportedly guarantees Kenny a minimum of 20 sides per year. Kenny now is finishing his singing chores with the Ink Spots, and will soon step out as a single. Eddie and Leo Mesner, Aladdin chiefs, plan to come East to supervise the first session either here or in New York.

August 1950 - The Ink Spots' Herb Kenny to New York last week to cut more solo sides for Aladdin with Eddie Mesner coming in from the Coast to supervise the sessions.

(NOTE: Anyone have information about these additional sides for Aladdin?)

Listen to this week's selections by Herb Kenny: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
     Key To My Heart - Aladdin 3048A - 1950

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Above: The actual Aladdin sleeve that came with this 78-rpm record.


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