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"I'm A Sentimental Fool"/"Sittin' By The River"
by The Marylanders
on Jubilee 5079
released in 1952


Above: June 1952 trade magazine clipping extolling the reaction from The Marylanders' first release. This Baltimore group consisted of Buster Banks (lead tenor), Johnny Paige (second tenor), David Jones (baritone), Henry Abrams (bass), and Tommy Bonds (guitarist). They had three releases, all on the Jubilee label (1952-53).

Trade Magazine Article (May 1952):
New Orleans jockey Ken Elliot (WWEZ) spun the Marylanders' "I'm a Sentimental Fool" on Jubilee and the sparks haven't stopped flying yet. Elliot started getting calls from his listeners and other deejays, with the result that Ken had to lend his plate (the only one in town) to five other jocks for their programs. Distribs from that city have placed orders for several thousand disks and Jerry Blaine is soaring high in the clouds....

Trade Magazine Article (June 1952):
"I'm a Sentimental Fool" is starting to build on the Jubilee label with the new group, the Marylanders. We hear one of the top recording names on a major label is interested and that several other majors are planning to cut it....

Above: Label images for Jubilee 5079 initially released in April 1952. Jubilee changed their label design during the release run of this record. Robertson and Murray, who were the group's designated song writers, also wrote the flip side of this record.

Listen to this week's selections by The Marylanders on Jubilee 5079 from 1952:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

(Above: Lead Tenor Buster Banks)


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       I'm A Sentimental Fool
       Sittin' By The River
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       I'm A Sentimental Fool
       Sittin' By The River
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       I'm A Sentimental Fool
       Sittin' By The River
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