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"Grieving For You"/"Buzzin' Around"
by Three B's And A Honey
on Savoy 687-A/B
released in 1949

Above: From Washington Afro-American newspaper 12/1/51: Baltimore's Three B's And A Honey are currently playing at Ciro's in downtown Montreal, creating a mild sensation with their modern four part vocals. Personnel includes Bill Forrester, guitar; Charlie Ridgely, piano; Burt Hall, bass; and Yvonne Lanauze, former Duke Ellington vocalist, on combo drum.

(NOTE: The third "B" other than Bill and Burt, had been Bobby Smith. See the clippings below.)

Above: From Richmond Afro-American newspaper 3/15/47: Three B's And A Honey—That's the latest Baltimore combo to hit the entertainment boards. The unit is currently playing that city's latest and most up-to-date nightery, the Astoria Musical Bar. Left to right... Bobby Smith, piano; Burt Hall, bass; Bill Forrester, electric gutar; and Sylvia LeMonte, vocalist.

(Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper 3/18/47)

At Left And Below: From Baltimore Afro-American newspaper 4/12/47:


Right on the heels of their sensational five-week, hit engagement at the Club Astoria Musical Bar, Three B's And A Honey, instrumental and vocal quartet, Baltimore's latest entertaining combo have been booked into the ultra modern Club Zel-Mar in Philadelphia.

The play date in Philadelphia will precede an engagement at Paul Mann's Club Bengasi in Washington.

While playing the Zel-Mar the quartet will have the benefit of television broadcasts. However, the date will not necessitate the cancellation of their three-time weekly broadcast, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, over WBAL.

The unit includes Burt Hall, bass; lovely Sylvia LeMonte, drums; Bill Forrester, electric guitar; and Bobby Smith, piano.

(NOTE: Can someone please send me the TV kinescopes? Please! The reference to WBAL is the Baltimore radio station.)

(Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper 4/10/51)

Above: Three B's And A Honey.

Above: Label image of Savoy 687 recorded on 1/27/49 and released in March 1949. There were two additional songs recorded in this session but not released. Three B's And A Honey did have at least one other record, that one on Lillian Claiborne's DC label in 1948.

Listen to this week's selections by Three B's And A Honey on Savoy 687 from 1949:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

           Grieving For You
           Buzzin' Around
           BOTH played in sequence

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           Grieving For You
           Buzzin' Around
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           Grieving For You
           Buzzin' Around

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