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#538 (Week of 9/29/07 - 10/5/07)

"Eyesight To The Blind"
by The Larks
on Apollo 427
released in 1951

"No Other Girl"
by The Larks
on Lloyds 112
released in 1954

Above: The Larks (Top L-R) Allen Bunn (baritone), Gene Mumford (tenor), Raymond Barnes (tenor), (Bottom L-R) David McNeil (bass), Thermon Ruth (tenor). This group recorded for Apollo from 1950 to 1952.

In 1953 Gene Mumford formed a new Larks group consisting of himself, Orville Brooks (baritone), David Bowers (bass), Isaiah Bing (tenor), and Glenn Burgess (pianist). They recorded for Apollo's subsidiary label, Lloyds (1954).

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Above: Still clips of the second Larks group from "Rhythm And Blues Revue". They are singing "The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise", which is the flip side of "No Other Girl". (L-R) David Bowers, Orville Brooks, Isaiah Bing, and Gene Mumford.

[Above Label Images provided by Andrew Bohan.]

Above Left: Label image for Apollo 427 recorded on March 27, 1951. Allen Bunn is the lead singer. He later recorded a very similar song, "My Kinda Woman" for the Red Robin label.

Above Right: Label image for Lloyds 112 recorded on May 13, 1954. Gene Mumford is lead singer on this one.

Listen to this week's selections by The Larks:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

     Eyesight To The Blind - Apollo 427 - 1951
     No Other Girl - Lloyds 112 - 1954
     BOTH SONGS played in sequence

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     Eyesight To The Blind - Apollo 427 - 1951
     No Other Girl - Lloyds 112 - 1954
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     Eyesight To The Blind - Apollo 427 - 1951
     No Other Girl - Lloyds 112 - 1954

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