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"Don't Fool With Me"
by The 5 Red Caps
on Joe Davis 7116-A
released in 1943

Above: Clipping from The Billboard dated 6/2/45. Joe Davis also owned the Beacon, Gennett and Davis labels... and, later, Jay-Dee.

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Above: Label image for Joe Davis 7116-A. The flip side, "There's A Light On The Hill," was also released on Beacon 116-B in 1943. Personnel on this record are Steve Gibson (bass), Jimmy Springs (lead tenor), Romaine Brown (baritone), David Patillo (2nd tenor) and Doles Dickens (bass player).

Most of The 5 Red Caps' songs during the Joe Davis era were written by Davis himself or Irene Higginbotham, or a combination of both.

Listen to this week's selection by The 5 Red Caps: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
(Above: The 5 Red Caps [L-R] Steve Gibson, Emmett Mathews,
Dave Patillo, Jimmy Springs, Doles Dickens, Romaine Brown)
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       Don't Fool With Me
       Joe Davis 7116-A - 1943

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       Don't Fool With Me
       Joe Davis 7116-A - 1943
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       Don't Fool With Me
       Joe Davis 7116-A - 1943
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