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#535 (Week of 9/8/07 - 9/14/07)


"Dear One"/"I've Lost"
by The Scarlets
on Red Robin 128
released in 1954

'The Scarlets,' Singing Quintet, Enlist In Army Here

Above: New Haven, CT (1955): The U.S. Army Recruiting Office in the Bullard Building is shown in one of its lighter moments as "The Scarlets" render a final song before enlisting. Members of the singing quintet are, left to right, Sylvester Hopkins, high tenor; Nathaniel Mosely Jr. [2nd tenor]; Frederick L. Parris, leader; Albert Denby, baritone; and William L. Powers, bass. Watching the performance is Sgt. George Henderson.

Click HERE for an article about The Scarlets by J.C. Marion. (Will open in a separate window)

Above Left: Bobby Robinson, along with his brother, Danny, owned Red Robin Records. The label began in 1951 and closed in 1955. It started as the Robin label. Bobby's later labels were Whirlin Disc, Fire, Fury, and Fling.

Above Right: Label image for Red Robin 128. This was The Scarlets' first of four releases on Red Robin (1954-55). Notice the label states "Vocal Quartet"... they were actually a quintet. Fred Parris, composer and lead singer on both of these sides, later formed the Satins, who had the hit "In The Still Of The Night".

Listen to this week's selections by The Scarlets:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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     Dear One - Red Robin 128 - 1954
     I've Lost - Red Robin 128 - 1954
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     Dear One - Red Robin 128 - 1954
     I've Lost - Red Robin 128 - 1954
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     Dear One - Red Robin 128 - 1954
     I've Lost - Red Robin 128 - 1954

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