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#606 (Week of 2/28/09 - 3/6/09)

"Can't Do Sixty No More"/"Chain Me Baby"
by The Du-Droppers
on Red Robin 108
released in 1952

Above: The Du Droppers (Top L-R) Bob Kornegay (bass), J.C. Ginyard (lead tenor), Harvey Ray (baritone and tenor), and (Bottom) Willie Ray (tenor and baritone). Their first record on Red Robin (featured here) had Eddie Hashaw as bass. He was replaced by Kornegay prior to any further releases by the group.

The Du Droppers were also The Dixieaires on Harlem, with Joe Van Loan replacing Harvey Ray, as well as, with further personnel changes, The Bells on Rama and The Ravens for two releases on Argo.

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[Above clipping provided by Richard Koloda.]
Above: 1953 clipping of The Du Droppers from Cleveland Call And Post newspaper. Five shows in one day and then on to the next engagement.

Above: Label image of Red Robin 108 released in September 1952. The somewhat ubiquitous Ben Smith and his saxophone lead the instrumental backing. It was The Du Droppers' first record and first of two released on Red Robin. They also had releases on RCA Victor (1953) and its subsidiary Groove (1954-55). They backed Sunny Gale on one RCA Victor release (1953).

"Can't Do Sixty No More," notwithstanding its double negative and double entendre, was a long time coming (no pun intended) answer to The Dominoes' March 1951 "Sixty Minute Man."

Trade Magazine Clipping: September 1952"Can't Do Sixty No More" by the Du Droppers on the Red Robin label could easily ride to a nifty net for Joel Turnero and his partner Bobby Robinson. Pair head label, plus the hottest r.&b. retail shop in Harlem....

Listen to this week's selections by The Du-Droppers on Red Robin 108 from 1952:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
(Above: J.C. Ginyard)
           Can't Do Sixty No More
           Chain Me Baby
           BOTH played in sequence

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           Can't Do Sixty No More
           Chain Me Baby
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           Can't Do Sixty No More
           Chain Me Baby

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