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"Bless You"
by The Ink Spots
on Decca 23757 A
released in 1946

[Photo by Louis Spiller Sr. courtesy of Robert Spiller.]

Above: Photo of The Ink Spots [Top L-R] Deek Watson (tenor), Hoppy Jones (bass), Bill Kenny (tenor), and [Bottom] Bernie Mackey (baritone, guitar). They are viewing pictures of Louis Spiller Sr.'s family and friends. Louis (Robert Spiller's Grandfather) loved The Ink Spots and collected their records. He enjoyed meeting The Ink Spots and taking their pictures as a part-time newspaper photographer.

[Photo by Louis Spiller Sr. courtesy of Robert Spiller.]
Above: Another photo of The Ink Spots (L-R) Bill Kenny, Deek Watson, Hoppy Jones, and Bernie Mackey.

Above: Label image of Decca 23757 A recorded on 10/11/39, but not released until December 1946. This has the "classic" Ink Spots' line-up of Bill Kenny, Deek Watson, Hoppy Jones and Charlie Fuqua.

Listen to this week's selection by The Ink Spots on Decca 23757 A from 1946:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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