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"A Casual Look"/"Teen Age Promise"
by The Six Teens
on Flip 315
released in 1956

[Above image courtesy of Galen Gart.]

Above: June 1956 clipping promoting The Six Teens' first record. Flip, a Los Angeles label started in 1955, was owned by Max Freitag. He had experience in the recording industry, helping Lew Chudd form the Imperial label in 1948. The Flip label design had a look similar to the apparently unrelated Aladdin label, also located in Los Angeles. Both labels show the more glamorous location "Hollywood, California" as home.

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Above: 1956 photo of The Six Teens, (Top L-R) Darryl Lewis, Kenny Sinclair, Ed Wells, (Bottom L-R) Louise Williams, Trudy Williams, and Beverly Pecot.

Above: Label image for Flip 315 recorded in early 1956 and released in April of that year. Trudy Williams and Kenny Sinclair sing lead parts on this side, while Trudy and her older sister, Louise Williams, share the lead on the "flip" side. Ed Wells composed both sides of this record as well as many of the group's subsequent sides.

Listen to this week's selections by The Six Teens on Flip 315 from 1956:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]


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       A Casual Look
       Teen Age Promise
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       A Casual Look
       Teen Age Promise
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       A Casual Look
       Teen Age Promise

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