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"My Reward"
by The Ink Spots
on Decca 24933
released in 1950

Photo Of Bill Kenny Photo Of The Ink Spots
[The photo above right provided by Paul Ressler and restored by Dick Rietveld.]

Above Left: Photo of Bill Kenny.

Above Right: The Ink Spots at the time of "My Reward" were (L-R) Bill Kenny (lead tenor), Billy Bowen (tenor), Herb Kenny (bass), and Charlie Fuqua (baritone).

GOTHAM GAB (Feb. 1950): The Ink Spots will be making the first appearance in their career this week in the city of Toronto, Canada, when the group begins its stay at the Loew's Uptown Theatre there. The house is re-installing its stage show policy after a lapse of 20 years especially for the quartette's engagement there. In addition, three special guards have reportedly been hired to control the autograph hounds.

RE-INK SPOTS FOR BENNY (Feb. 1950): The Ink Spots have just been signed to make a guest appearance on radio's top comedy show, the Jack Benny program. They will be Benny's guest stars on the CBS network Feb. 12 stanza from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. This will be the second appearance for the Spots with the comic and his radio family. Last year, the quartet's take-off on the Lucky Strike cigarette commercial, in the form of a parody on "If I Didn't Care," was voted one of the funniest bits to be presented on the air in 1949. Since then, Benny has been reported anxious to have the singers make a repeat appearance on his show.

SPOTS INTERRUPT TOUR FOR NBC CONFAB CHICAGO (Apr. 1950): Interrupting their series of bookings in this area, the Ink Spots flew to New York this week to meet with Robert K. Adams, former NBC national production manager, who is now producing his own television shows. Idea of the conference was to explore the possibility of building a video show around the Ink Spots' act. One of the ideas forwarded at the meeting was a "Down Memory Lane" theme, using the Spots' long list of hit records to cue a series of segments reminiscing about the shows, show people and showtunes of yesteryear. The whole package would be kinescoped to allow for guest appearances by well-known names and to more easily fit in with the Ink Spots' many commitments.

DECCA RENEWS INK SPOTS FOR ADDITIONAL THREE YEARS (Oct. 1950): David Kapp, Vice-President of Decca Records, this week announced that the label has renewed the Ink Spots to an exclusive disking pact for an additional three years. The famous quartet started their career on Decca 15 years ago and have recorded for the label ever since. Known for their original and appealing ballad treatment that has made them international favorites, the Ink Spots have created some of Tin Pan Alley's biggest all-time clicks with their diskings of "If I Didn't Care," "Java Jive," "Maybe," "The Gypsy" and many other favorites.

Decca Label-My Reward-The Ink Spots

Above: Label image of Decca 24933 recorded on 1/16/50 and released in March 1950. The Ink Spots first started using strings on some of their recordings in 1949.

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