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"Low Down The Chariot"
by The Wingmen Quartet
on Down Beat 124-B
released in 1948

[The above photo courtesy of Ellison White and Todd Baptista from Todd's book "The Last Of The Good Rocking Men". Click HERE for more information about this book.]
Above: 1948 photo of The Wingmen Quartet. (L-R) Ellison B. White, bass; Emory F. Barnes, baritone; Cecil Dandy, second tenor; Clarence W. Small, first tenor. They had been members of Wings Over Jordan, a popular large gospel choir. White would later become the bass singer of The Four Jacks on Federal (1952).

[The above label image and corresponding audio provided by George Moonoogian.]
Above: Label for Down Beat 124-B released in 1948. The Wingmen Quartet had two records released on this label (#123 & 124). Down Beat, owned by Jack Lauderdale in Los Angeles, became Swing Beat in 1949 and then Swing Time in 1950.

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