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"Let The Party Go On"
by The Cabineers
on Decca 7873 A
released in 1941

Photo Of The Cabineers
[The above photo provided by George Moonoogian.]

Above: Photo of The Cabineers from late 1940's. (Top) Count Cablo, (L-R) Bill Westbrook, Maggie Furman, Matt McKinney, (Bottom) Guitarist Ike Dasie.

Click HERE for an article about The Cabineers by Marv Goldberg and George Moonoogian.

Decca Label-Let The Party Go On-The Cabineers-1941

Above: Label image of Decca 7873 A, "Let The Party Go On", recorded on December 11, 1940 and released in November 1941. Accompanied by piano only, any other instruments heard are simulated by the quartette.

Click HERE for more on The Cabineers and to listen to the flip side ("Sweet Louise").

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Photo Of The Cabineers Ad For The Cabineers

Photo at left is from The New York Amsterdam News dated 4/26/41:
"William Westbrook, the founder of the group; Maggie Furman, alto; Count Cablo, baritone & arranger; and Mathew McKinney, basso... are doing a swell job over radio station WINS, appearing over the airlanes every day (Monday through Friday) at 5:30 p.m. The group's fan mail indicates that they are popular in Harlem."

Ad at right is from The New York Amsterdam News dated 7/6/46. Article from 7/13/03 reviewing Murrains:
"... When you get a combination of rhythm, good voices and just gobs of personality, you can't lose. ...each member of the group does a solo part at one time or another, not only features a part, but does it in grand manner. This is the first Harlem appearance of The Cabineers, let's hope they continue on the up-grade, and try not to miss their act at Murrains. The show lasts for four weeks..."

[The two images above and related information provided by George Moonoogian.]

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