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"I Can't Make Up My Mind"/"Oh, What A Polka"
by The Four Vagabonds
on Atlas VA 111
released in 1945

Above: Promotional clipping of The Four Vagabonds from the 1945-46 Billboard Music Year Book. (L-R) Robert O'Neal (first tenor), John Jordan (lead tenor), Ray Grant (bass & guitarist), Norval Taborn (baritone). "Atlas Prager" refers to a beer commercial they recorded for the Atlas Brewing Company in 1939.

Click HERE for an article about The Four Vagabonds by Rick Whitesell, Pete Grendysa, and George Moonoogian (interviews by Marv Goldberg).

Above: Label image for Atlas VA 111. Note the group's simulation of musical instruments on both sides. The only real instrument is Ray Grant's guitar. Atlas, which started life as Premier, was a Hollywood, California label that also released The King Cole Trio, Frankie Laine and Johnny Moore's Three Blazers. This was The Four Vagabonds' only release on Atlas. They moved on to Mercury for one release (1946) and then Apollo for seven releases (1946-1947).

Listen to this week's selections by The Four Vagabonds: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
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I Can't Make Up My Mind - Atlas VA 111 - 1945
Oh, What A Polka - Atlas VA 111 - 1945
"BOTH SONGS" played in sequence

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I Can't Make Up My Mind - Atlas VA 111 - 1945
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Oh, What A Polka - Atlas VA 111 - 1945
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