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"I Can't Believe"/"Lonesome Baby"
by The Hornets
on States S-127
released in 1953

Above: Photo (from 1954 newspaper clipping) of The Hornets, a Cleveland group consisting of Johnny Moore (tenor), James "Sonny" Long (lead), Gus Miller (bass), and Ben Iverson (baritone).

Click HERE for an article about The Hornets by Marv Goldberg.

Cleveland Call And Post, May 1954: THE CIRCLE THEATRE on Sunday, May 16, will feature a stage revue starring The Hornets (pictured at left) and The Midnighters, and including the Spence Twins, Wild Bill Gilmer, and the singing, dancing comics Artie and Mary Brooks.

The Hornets have two popular recordings "I Can't Believe" and "Lonesome Baby". The Midnighters, formerly billed as the Royals, are the lads with that popular recording "Work With Me Annie". They also have sold lots of discs with "Until I Die". The Circle revue is for one day only, Sunday, May 16.

[All clippings provided by Richard Koloda.]

[All clippings provided by Richard Koloda.]
Above: Newspaper clippings from August and October 1954. Note Virgil "Moondog" Brinnon at bottom of right clipping... was this Alan "Moondog" Freed's replacement at WJW?

Above: Label image for States S-127 recorded on August 12, 1953 and released in November that same year. States was a Chicago label, the subsidiary of United, owned by Leonard Allen. This was to become the only record by this original Hornets group and one of the most sought-after r&b vocal group collectibles of all time.

Listen to this week's selections by The Hornets: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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I Can't Believe - States S-127 - 1953
Lonesome Baby - States S-127 - 1953

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